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Established in 2013, Practical Solutions' main business is developing inventive, smart and simple products.

The company is committed to delivering practical and quality solutions to its customers, prioritizing customer convenience.

Practical Solutions carefully produces its products from high-quality materials, employing rigorous quality control methods, as well as ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations. 

The company's flagship product is the "Practical Siphon - Combined Siphon with Deep Sieve Strainer" designed as the perfect set for any kitchen. A solution for tight kitchen cabinet space, it prevents leaks, and broken seals while ensuring a safe environment. The company offers additional products such as: Practical Siphon Combined with Standard Strainer,  Practical Siphon with Deep Strainer, and a Double Practical Siphon with Dual Deep Strainer,

Coming Soon....

Small Bathroom Siphon & Strainer package, similar to the Kitchen Siphon and Strainer.


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