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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between a standard system and a combined system?

The standard system consists of three parts:, a valve housing (the funnel that connects under the sink), an inlet to the dishwasher and the deck itself (the part responsible for creating a water trap that prevents sewage odors from entering the house). The combined deck unites all of these parts into one


What are the benefits of the combined system?

Because of its compact size, the combined deck is a perfect solution for a plumbing system under the sink cabinet as it frees up a lot of space.  It's cast structure, requiring only  one connection, prevents leaks and blockages, and also has wider openings for water flow and above standard wall thickness,  improving natural sediment washing. The unique design also allows for very easy Installation and maintenance. This syphon also comes in a deep strainer version, which is more convenient for collecting waste from the sink. 


What are the differences between the strainers in each of the packages?

Our basic product is a deck plus adapter for a standard valve that costs 77 ILS. Any strainer for an American sink will work with it, even the most common strainers, sold everywhere (please view the picture, above.) You can also choose one of our products that come with an included strainer: a regular sized strainer, or the deeper strainer. The latter is equipped with a decorative stopper. The deep double strainer comes with two strainers on top of each other, which offer maximum ease in straining sink garbage, while still protecting the plumbing system from back ups caused by debris.  


How do I know which model is right for me?

Our products fit a standard American sink with a 9mm opening. Therefore, choose the one that most suits your needs and lifestyle: with or without a strainer/ with a deep or regular strainer - etc. Please see the description of the different strainers in the answer to question 3, above.


I have a top opening in the sink (over wonder) will the combined deck suit my setup?

The combined deck has an inlet for the dishwasher, the opening can be used to absorb water from the sink Uber Palau, for this purpose a separate pipe connection to the dishwasher / washing machine must be purchased and connected between the Uber Palau and the entrance to the dishwasher on the deck. Open the Uber-Palau from the back (inside the cabinet) and remove it, and use the inlet opening for the dishwasher to connect the dishwasher.


I do not have a dishwasher, will this deck be suitable for me?

Yes, each set includes a gasket that can cancel the dishwasher entry if it is not needed.


I have a garbage disposal installed in my sink. Can I still use the combined deck?

The combined deck connects directly to the sink, so if your sink is a single sink, then no, the combined deck won't work for your set up. However, if you have a double sink, then you can connect the garbage disposal to one sink and the combined deck to the other. If you also have a dishwasher, it can connect to the entrance in your garbage disposal. The garbage disposal outlet must be connected to the dishwasher connection on the deck.


Does the product come with a warranty?

All of our products are fully warrantied for a full year; we do our best to provide excellent customer service and give quick and efficient solutions to any problem.


How can I keep tabs on the status of my shipment?

Once the product is shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number. This number can be entered on the Israeli Post website in order to receive information about the shipment. Please contact us or The Israeli Post Office (dial 171) in the event of any problem arising.


Do you offer a combined deck to suit a bathroom sink? 

Yes! We are completing development and expect to launch the product soon!

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