Set - combined integrated Siphons + Suitable piping

Set - combined integrated Siphons + Suitable piping

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This set contains an integrated Siphons , a standard strainer, a 1 meter hose and a 90 degree angle that are compatible for a perfect installation,

The combined Siphons was designed as a Siphons with a small number of parts in order to obtain a reliable, compact and high-quality Siphons ,

The combined Siphons manufactured in Israel and approved by the Standards Institute,

The advantages:

Prevents leaks - as a result of consolidating components into a integrated Siphons that combines few connections and is reliable in terms of leaks

Space - uniting the parts allows the product to be reduced by more than half from a parallel Siphons system

Prevention of blockages - the width of the piping built into 25% larger than a standard Siphons system