Integrated Siphon set + Double Deep Strainer

Integrated Siphon set + Double Deep Strainer

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This set has a Double Deep Strainer that allows convenient use for waste removal and an additional protection layer to prevent clogs. An integrated Siphon is designed as a siphon with a small number of parts to get a reliable, compact and high-quality siphon.


The combined siphon manufactured in Israel follows all guidelines & exceeds the standards.

Several advantages:

* Leak Prevention - As a result of designing it as 1 piece and part of the siphon with minimal connections, the result is no leaking

* Space availability - Uniting the parts allows the product to be reduced by more than half from a standard siphon system

* Blockages - The width of the built-in pipe in the combined siphon is 25% larger than a standard siphon system, which prevents clogs

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