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Integrated Siphon for an American sink

Integrated Siphon for an American sink


An American sink integrated siphon is designed as a siphon with a small number of parts to get a reliable, compact and high-quality siphon.

The combined siphon manufactured in Israel follows all guidelines & exceeds the standards.

Several advantages:

* Leak Prevention - As a result of designing it as 1 piece and part of the siphon with minimal connections, the result is no leaking.

* Space availability - Uniting the parts as one allows the product to be reduced by more than half from a standard siphon system

* Blockages - The width of the built-in pipe in the combined siphon is 25% larger than a standard siphon system, which prevents clogs



    Practical Siphon- The combined siphon combines the drain, sink insert and siphon all together to create a compact, reliable, easy-to-install product with additional water flow benefits, self-cleaning and the installation of unique filters.


    Practical takes full responsibility for its products and will act in its best interests for its customers


    Free Domestic shipping or International shipping available at a cost.

  • Standard Domestic Shipping - Free

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