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Practical Solutions


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Established in 2013, Practical Solutions develops inventive, smart and simple products. The company is committed to delivering  practical, quality solutions that prioritize customer convenience. Our products are carefully produced using only high-quality materials and using an uncompromising production process that includes rigorous QA and compliance checks to ensure our products mesh with all auxiliary products. The company's flagship product is the "Practical Siphon/Deep Sieve Strainer combo" designed as the perfect set for any kitchen. It offers an optimum solution to maximize kitchen cabinet space, while also preventing leaks, and broken seals. The siphon, of course, is designed first and foremost, to ensure a safe environment.

The company also produces a variety of other siphons, including: the Practical Siphon/Standard Strainer Combo,  the Practical Siphon/Deep Strainer Combo and the Double Practical Siphon/Dual Deep Strainer Combo,

Coming Soon....

Small Bathroom Siphon & Strainer package, which will be similar to the Kitchen Siphon and Strainer.



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