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Payment Methods


1. Welcome to (hereinafter - "the Site"), operated by Nir Practical Solutions Ltd., hereinafter - "the Company, as applicable. The site enables the online purchase of products marketed in leading stores (hereinafter: the "Products"). Purchase on the Website will be made subject to the terms set out below in these Terms and Conditions - "Terms of Use".

2. The User of the Website (hereinafter: "the User") is required to read these Terms of Use carefully before browsing the Website and / or purchasing a Product through the Website, since continued browsing and viewing of the information published on the Website and / or purchase of any Product on the Website constitute the user's consent to the provisions of these Terms. The user does not have to agree to the terms of this policy, but if the user does not agree to the terms here, the user is asked not to make any use of the site.

3. The Company reserves the right to update these Terms of Use from time to time, in its sole discretion and without the need to provide any prior notice. The terms of use change will be effective from the time of posting on this site.

4. Use of Male Language Only is for convenience only and these Terms and Conditions will apply to all Site Users, Male and Female alike.

5. The chapter titles are provided for user convenience and orientation and will not be used in the interpretation of the By-Laws.

Prerequisite for making a site purchase.

1. Making the purchase through the Website will be possible after the exclusivity agreement with Plassoon is terminated, subject to the fulfillment of the cumulative conditions set out below:

2. The user is an adult - 18 years of age or older) or a corporation legally incorporated under the laws of the State of Israel. If the minor is under 18 or is not entitled to take legal action without the consent of a guardian for another reason, below, for the purposes of these By-Laws: "the minor", then the minor is hereby required to know his or her guardian and / or his parents (together herein for the purposes of these By-Laws) : "Supervisors") regarding the provisions of these By-Laws and obtain their prior approval for carrying out any activity, of any kind, within the Website. The superiors have the responsibility to inform the minor who wishes to use the site regarding its terms of use and to monitor its activities. Any activity performed by a minor on the Site shall be deemed to have been granted the consent of the minor and / or his superiors as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

3. The user has an active e-mail on the Internet.

4. The user has a valid credit card issued by one of the recognized credit card companies and the credit company has authorized the transaction and / or the holder of an active PayPal account.

5. The requested products are available in the website inventory.

6. The address to which the products are to be provided is in Israel, and is on the postal division map or additional fees will be required for International shipping.

User information.

1. When making a purchase on the site, the user will be required to enter in the registration interface the following information: social security number, first and last name (in the case of corporation- name and company number), telephone, exact address, postal code, e-mail address and payment details. You may need to enter more details as shown on the site. The user hereby undertakes to provide only his personal details and undertakes that the details provided are correct, up-to-date, complete and accurate and declares that the delivery of the personal details during the order is done according to his wishes and with his consent. It is clarified that as part of the ordering process and delivery to the user availability is required by telephone and / or receipt of messages and that in the event of blocking a telephone line for content and / or "kosher phone" and / or other prevention of messages from the Company, the ordering process and its delivery and the user will not be completed and is known and understood He will have any claims and / or demands on the Company in the event of non-receipt of information by telephone / message from such reasons. It is clarified that if the information provided is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, then the Company will not be able to guarantee the execution of the order and / or the delivery of the products to the user at the scheduled time.

2. The User declares and acknowledges that he is aware that the provision of false and / or non-material information may constitute a criminal offense and that in the case of the transmission of false information there may be civil and criminal proceedings, including damages for damages caused to the Company.

3. By actually making the transaction on the site via credit card and / or PayPal account, the user hereby declares that the credit card and / or PayPal account through which the transaction is made is owned or owned by a corporation on his behalf, who carries out the transaction, that the card is valid and that it is legally authorized and / or an agreement to make a transaction in the amount of the relevant transaction.

Make a purchase through the site.

1. For the purpose of making the purchase, after the personal details have been provided as above, the user will be required to confirm his order below: "The order".

2. Payment for the purchase on the site will be made by a credit card or PayPal account only, payment will not be possible by other means of payment such as: check, cash, credit, gift card unless discussed with management first.

3. Upon completion of the sale process, he will send to the e-mail of the ordering document containing the details of the transaction as required by law (hereinafter: "the transaction details document").

4. After completing the order, the credit card details will be checked with which the payment was made with the appropriate credit company and upon receipt of the credit company, an email will be sent to the user, according to the contact details provided when registering for the site, regarding the confirmation of the purchase.

5. Alternatively, when paying through a PayPal account, the user will be asked to enter his or her existing account information on the PayPal site, or alternatively, may choose to open a PayPal account. In the case of payment through a PayPal account, the purchase will only be approved after receiving a confirmation from PayPal. Use and receipt of the certificate is subject to the PayPal Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It will be clarified and emphasized that the actual ordering by the company will only be done after the credit company has approved the billing, in accordance with the agreed procedures between it and the relevant credit company, and subject to the availability of the product in stock.
If the purchase is not approved by the credit card company, for any reason, then a message will be displayed to the user on the site and an email will be sent to them. In this case, the order will be deemed to have not been placed.

1. It is clarified that the time of delivery of the products to the user will be counted from the date of transaction approval by the credit card company and not from the date of placing the order / entering the payment details on the website.

2. From the time the order is placed on the site, the Company may send update messages via email and / or messages regarding the order status of the order. The Company's computers will constitute binding evidence as to the dates of execution of the various ordering stages.

3. The sale on the site is a sale until the inventory is finished. The Company does not undertake to maintain a stock of all models whose pictures appear on the Website at all times. In the event that a user orders a product on the site, it becomes clear that, due to circumstances unknown at the time of ordering, the company may, at its discretion, notify the user and offer him or her an alternate product or cancel the product order and win the customer ownership. The canceled product as calculated by order.

4. Without contradicting any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, it is clarified that during periods when various site promotions will be conducted, the Company may order various changes to the site and / or the variety of services offered to the site's customers.

5. All product prices as stated on the site are denominated in (US or NIS). Prices include VAT, if applicable, but do NOT include international shipping fees.

6. The Company endeavors to maintain and update the prices of products and shipping on the website in real time as follows: "Prices" However, in light of the price update from time to time, there may be gaps between the price when the product is added to the shopping cart and when completing an ordering process. If prices are updated before the order process is completed, the user will be charged according to the updated prices. For the avoidance of doubt, the Company will not be held liable for any resulting and / or related price differences. It is clear that the Company may update and change the prices from time to time without notice and the binding price will be the price provided to the user upon completion of the ordering process.

7. No multiple discounts / benefits will be given on items sold on the site unless otherwise noted.

8. Coupons granting any discount and / or benefit with purchasing will not be redeemed on the Website. Note that coupons can only be redeemed for purchase in stores.

9. In the case of special offers and the publication of the "Terms of Operation" the provisions of the "Terms of Operation" will apply to the operation. The rules will be published on the site.


Supply of products

1. The Company will deliver the products purchased through the Website to an address in Israel that the User will indicate at the time of ordering.

2. In the event of a distant destination or home above a third floor without an elevator, restricted access or need for a crane, an additional cost will be charged, of course in advance.

Supply of goods to the user / other address provided

1. Delivery to the customer's home or other address provided by the user, at his option, will be subject to payment of the shipping fee as specified on the website (hereinafter: "the shipping fee"). The shipping fee will be added to the price of the items indicated on the website. The shipping fee will be charged for delivery to one destination, whether one or more items have been ordered. Payment for the shipment will be made via credit card or PayPal account and will provide a total payment for the ordered products, and will not be voidable for any reason, unless the transaction is canceled in accordance with the law.

2. The Company will do its utmost to deliver the items to any address across Israel, but is under no obligation to deliver the items to restricted areas for security access.

3. The shipping rate will be posted on the website and may change from time to time.

4. Forwarding services will be provided through an independent courier company (hereinafter: the "forwarding company"), at the Company's discretion, and the identity of the forwarding company may change from time to time. It is clarified that the Company will not be responsible for and / or resupply of the shipping company.

5. The Company will work to deliver the Products ordered according to the terms and shipping charges specified on the Website when placing the order. At the time of this policy update, the delivery time for the products from the time you place your order on the site is within a maximum of 7 business days. It is clarified that the date of delivery of the products indicated on the website relates to business days (ie, the counting of the days will not count Friday, Friday, holiday and holiday evenings) and that the date for commencing the counting of the business days will be at the date of receipt of the credit card company's approval of the transaction. 

To the attention of the user, an order placed on a site not on a business day or on a business day after 2 pm will be considered, for the delivery date, as an order placed on the following business day.

1. Items will not be available on Fridays / Saturdays / Holidays and Holidays.

2. It is clarified that the Company's undertaking to supply the products is subject to the completion of the payment by the user and approval by the credit company as well as subject to the availability of the products in stock.

3. In order to deliver the products that are ordered to the user at home or on behalf of the delivered person, the representative of the shipping company will make a telephone contact with the user in order to coordinate the delivery (via telephone call and / or messages). It is clarified that delivery of the products in a timely manner depends, inter alia, on the availability of the customer in order to coordinate their receipt with the said representative.

It is clarified that a delay in the delivery of a product resulting from the unavailability of the customer will not, in any event, be deemed to be late in the delivery of the order by the company and will not entitle the customer to any compensation.

1. The Company shall not be liable for any delay in supply and / or non-supply resulting from incorrect and / or inaccurate / complete contact information provided by the User and shall not be liable for any delay or delay in supply and / or non-supply caused by supreme power and / or events beyond its control, including strikes, damage to nature, etc. In the event of delays or delays in anticipated delivery and / or known to the Company in advance, the Company shall use its best endeavors to inform the Customer in advance of such delayed or delayed delay, in accordance with the contact details provided on By the customer at the time of order.

2. Changing the user's address for delivery of the shipment. After the shipment has already been sent out to the address entered on the website when placing the order, the company will, in coordination with the user (through the customer service department), subject to an additional payment of  20NIS/$6.00.


Cancelling a transaction.

1. The User may cancel the transaction in accordance with and subject to all provisions of law and including the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 1981 (hereinafter: the "Consumer Protection Act") and regulations by virtue thereof or alternatively, replace the product against an alternate product of equivalent value or monetary credit, All as detailed below;

2. Cancellation of the transaction will be made within 14 days of receipt of the product, or transaction details document, whichever is later.

3. A cancellation notice can be delivered to the Company's customer service department at

4. The cancellation notice must state the name and telephone number and identity of the user and the order number (and / or other identification information required to identify the transaction and the cancellation identity).

5. Return the item to the Company in one of the following ways: Delivering the item to one of the Company's stores of the user's choice, or sending the item to the Company's offices by mail / courier and / or otherwise, in coordination with the Company's representatives (through the Customer Service Department).

Cancellation a transaction due to a defect or discrepancy

1. The user's money will be returned to him within 14 days of receipt of the cancellation notice, except for a cancellation fee of 5% or 100 NIS, whichever is lower. The product will be returned at the user's expense.

2. It is clarified that in the event of cancellation of a transaction due to a defect and / or discrepancy, the user will not be entitled to a refund for the shipping fees paid by him (to the extent paid).

3. Cancellation fees and / or shipping costs may be charged to the Customer at the sole discretion of the Company, including cases where the full order has not been charged a shipping fee but in light of cancellation a shipping fee must be paid in accordance with the shipping policy as posted on the Website.

Cancellation of a transaction due to a defect or discrepancy, due to failure to deliver the product at a specified time or due to breach of contract by the company.

1. The user must check the item (s) immediately upon receipt of the order. If any item is received by the user when it is defective, or when the actual item specification is different from the specification presented on the website, the user may cancel the transaction within 14 days of receipt of the item.

2. In the event of cancellation in these circumstances no cancellation fee will be charged, the user's money will be settled within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice and the product will be returned to the company at her expense.

3. The product will be returned as far as possible in its original packaging.

4. The company will have the right to sue the user for a decrease in the value of the product.

5. Refund in case of cancellation of credit transaction will be made through credit card credit in which the transaction was made within 14 days of receiving the request to cancel the transaction and the returned item. In the event of cancellation of part of the transaction (returning one of several items purchased) the Company will return to the user, within 14 days of receipt of the cancellation notice, the same part of the transaction price paid by him for the returned item.

6. Refund In case of cancellation of a transaction made via PayPal will be made by bank transfer to the user account, within 14 days of receiving the request to cancel the transaction and the returned item. In the event of cancellation of part of the transaction (returning one of several items purchased) the Company will return to the user, within 14 days of receipt of the cancellation notice, the same part of the transaction price paid by him for the returned item.

7. In any event, the Company may, at its discretion and in accordance with the law, charge a cancellation fee not exceeding 5% of the product price or NIS 100, whichever is lower (except in the event of cancellation of the transaction due to a defect or mismatch).

8. Return of the Product for replacement by another Product or for monetary credit will be made in accordance with the Company's general exchange policy, as updated from time to time, within 30 days of receipt of the Product by the User. The product will be returned to one of the company stores of the user's choice, with an invoice, and provided that no item is used, its packaging has not been opened and the item labels have not been removed.

9. Restrictions on cancellation: Purchase of lost products, specially made products for the consumer as well as recordable, copyable and duplicate products that the consumer has opened in their original packaging cannot be canceled.

10. Any questions related to cancellation of the transaction, inquiries, exchanges, returns etc. should be addressed to the Company's customer service department by emailing

Cancellation of transaction by the company

1. The Company may cancel all or part of the transaction in the following circumstances:

1.1 In the event a site error occurs, whether in the price of the product presented on the site or in the description of the product as presented on the site;

1.2 in the case of force majeure, war, hostility or terrorism that prevents the sale, execution or participation in the sale properly;

1.3 If it becomes clear to her that the transaction and / or sale was accompanied by illegal activity and / or that does not comply with the provisions of this User's and / or his or her policies;

1.4 If the ordered product was provided to the address and / or branch of the customer's choice but was not collected for 14 business days and / or no contact with the customer for delivery due to the customer's unavailability and / or incorrect / partial / out of date contact information.

1. A cancellation notice will be delivered to the customer by telephone and / or in writing at the address specified by the customer at the time of the transaction or when registering for the site. In this case, the transaction will be canceled and the company will not charge the user's credit card or refund any amount paid for the product, as it is paid.

2. Except for the restitution of the said transaction amount, the user shall have no claim, claim and / or demand, of any kind and type, against the Company for cancellation of the transaction as stated in this section.


Privacy and Database Protection

1. The Company and / or its agents take common precautions to preserve, as far as possible, the confidentiality of the information. The user's personal information (name, e-mail, etc.) will be stored in the company's database, one of which is direct mail. To be removed from the database, please contact the Company's customer service by email at

2. It is clarified that in order to protect the confidentiality of the information, the Company operates through an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. Used to encrypt data from the time they are typed by the customer to their transfer to the company website system. And be highlighted; The credit card details of users who carry out operations on the site are not stored in the company's systems because the company uses an external company to clear the credit cards. It is clarified that because it involves conducting operations in an online environment, the Company cannot guarantee complete immunity from intrusion into its computers or the disclosure of information stored by the perpetrators of illegal operations and, therefore, if it is possible for a third party to infiltrate the information that the Company has misused and / or misused The user has any claim, claim or claim against the company. In addition, in cases arising from supreme power, the Company will not be liable for any damages of any kind, indirect or direct, caused to the user or anyone on his behalf, if any information provided by the message loses or becomes a hostile cause and / or uses it unauthorized.

3. Attention to the user: In the first purchase status of the site, the user is asked to choose a designated place if he / she wishes to join the site's mailing list for the purpose of receiving technical information via e-mail and / or messages (S.M.S messages). If the user does not wish to receive content and / or promotional information from the company, he may choose not to join the site's mailing list for that purpose, and may at any time remove his or her information from the site's mailing list in the designated place or by any other means including any message. E-mail and / or text message (SMS) received from the company.

4. The information is used by law and is intended for the purposes of managing and operating the site and providing services to customers, including: improving the user experience, enhancing and enriching the services and content offered on the site, modifying and eliminating existing services and content, tailoring content and services to customers and their tastes, for marketing and / or advertising purposes and / Or promotion and / or sales, for the purpose of contacting the registrant in any way, including through direct mailing of marketing and advertising material and / or other means of communication (including SMS and email), including through "cookie" technology (Cookies) for the purpose of encouraging loyalty, analyzing and researching statistics, conducting surveys and any other online use in connection with marketing and / or internal needs, such as complaint investigations and / or reviews, etc. It is clarified that the information may be transferred to third parties other than the credit card number, as may be required for the provision of the services and / or the operation of the site and / or the customer club and / or the proper management of the site (such as by transmitting information to the company employees and / or the website providers ), And all in accordance with the Bylaws and any law.

5. The Company may also disclose such information to other needs as required to do so by judicial order and / or by law and / or at the request of a qualified legal entity and / or to assist government enforcement agencies and / or to protect the security and use of the site. And / or if you merge with another entity and / or merge its activities with the activities of another entity and as the information is transmitted to the same entity that accepts the privacy policy provisions of the company and / or if a claim arises and / or a suspicion arises in the company that the registrant has committed an act and And / or default that infringes and / or may harm the Company and / or on its behalf and / or third parties and / or suspects that the User has made use of it for the purpose of allowing, assisting and / Encourage the commission of an unlawful and / or suspected act as an unlawful act and / or use that constitutes a breach of any of the terms of the Bylaws and / or any agreement with the Company.

6. Registration of the information on the Website and / or use of the Website constitutes the consent of the subscriber that information about its details and any data produced on the basis of such analysis will be kept in one or more databases of the company and / or on its behalf, and that information will be used properly. A user may require the company in writing that the information relating to it be deleted from the database. The user submits his or her own information freely. He is aware that he has no legal obligation to provide the information about him. The responsibility for the correctness of the details and their updates is solely for the user.


Copyright and Intellectual Property

1. All intellectual property rights and copyrights relating to the Site, including the trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs, methods and trade secrets, are the property of the Company alone.

2. The Site and the Content appearing therein, including the site design, drawings, diagrams, designs, illustrations, photographs, images, maps, sections, audio, videos, text, graphics and etc. (hereinafter - the "Information") are protected by copyright laws. Creators of the State of Israel, international art and copyright laws of other countries. The information is the property of the company or of third parties that have allowed the company to publish the copyrighted information on the site.

3. These rights apply, to the graphic design of the Company's website, its databases (including product lists, product descriptions, etc.), the computer code of the Website and any other details related to its operation. No commercial use of the data posted on the Company's website, the database in the website, the lists and product images contained therein or any other information published by and / or on behalf of the Company without the prior written consent of the Company. Do not use any data posted on the Company's Website for display on any Web site or other service contrary to the terms of the Agreement and / or without obtaining the Company's prior written consent and subject to the terms of that agreement (if and when provided). In general, it is prohibited to collect data from the Site through software and / or disseminate such data publicly or commercially. Do not copy, duplicate, distribute, sell, market and translate any information from the Site (including trademarks, images, texts and computer code without the Company's express prior written permission. The Site may not be displayed in a frame, visible or covert and the pages contained within it (" Link ", but only to the home page. The site must not be displayed in a different design or graphic interface than the one designed by the company, but subject to its prior written consent. Company name, brand name (company), trademarks of the company (whether registered or not) Lao), and etc. - are all the property of the Company only and may not be used without the prior written consent (icons) Any information and / or display appearing on the Site, including graphics, design, verbal display, trademarks, logos, and the editing and presentation of these, which are exclusively owned by the Company and / or its representative. No reproduction, distribution, publication or other use of the content appearing on the site may be reproduced unless the company has given its consent, in writing and in advance.

4. The User is prohibited from making changes, copying, posting, distributing, broadcasting, displaying, executing, reproducing, licensing, creating derivative works or selling any part of the information contained on the Website without the express written consent of the Company.

5. The User acknowledges the copyright in the information and undertakes not to make any commercial use of the information or any use in contravention of copyright and international law, or to cause any change or distortion of the information or any part thereof.

6. No computer application or other means, including Crawlers, Robots, etc., may be launched or enabled for search, scanning, copying, or automatic retrieval of content from the Site. In general, such means should not be created and used to create a compilation, collection or repository containing content from the site. Website content may not be displayed in a frame, visible or covert, content from the Website may not be displayed in any way - including any software, device, accessory or communication protocol - that changes the design of the Website or omits any content and in particular advertisements and commercial content.

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